Tummy Tuck

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When you think of a tummy tuck, you may just imagine the removal of fat to achieve a flatter abdominal profile. But the lesser known and incredibly beneficial aspects of this procedure are definitely worth highlighting. Below, we’ll explore why a tummy tuck is a unique and effective body contouring surgery.

Motherhood is a wonderful experience; however, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can take a toll on your body. You may discover that your body has changed in ways that diet and exercise cannot seem to fix. A mommy makeover can help you address these changes and regain your pre-baby figure.

We have created the guide below to help you learn more about this transformative procedure. Discover what a mommy makeover is, how you can benefit from it, your candidacy for the procedure, and more.

We know that you have been tirelessly dedicated to your physical health and appearance, and that sometimes the hard work of dieting and exercising just isn’t enough. When you are considering a tummy tuck surgery with Dr. Robert Feins, the last thing that should be standing between you and your ideal body is the price of the procedure. To minimize this barrier, we want you to have a general understanding of the various costs as well as the financial resources available to you.