Is A Mommy Makeover Right for Me?

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Woman holding baby after a mommy makeover | Dr. Robert FeinsIf you have recently embraced the role of motherhood, or if your existing family has grown, there are a lot of big changes to adjust to. While most of the changes that come with being a mother are welcome and exciting, the last change you should have to get used to is an unfamiliar postpartum body. Dr. Robert Feins offers the mommy makeover to help you restore your pre-pregnancy appearance and confidence.

Procedures to Fit Your Unique Needs

Pregnancy can impact everyone’s body in a different way, which is why we offer a combination of procedures that can address your own individual concerns. A mommy makeover combines procedures that make sense for you, and can include:

  • Breast augmentation to restore lost volume
  • Breast lift to correct overall sagging as well as drooping nipples
  • Breast reductionto decrease the volume of heavy or enlarged breasts
  • Tummy tuck to remove excess fat and skin while tightening the abdominal muscles
  • Liposuction to contour and define the body by removing excess fat

By combining procedures that address your goals, a mommy makeover can help you to feel great about your body again.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Good candidates for any plastic surgery procedure must be in good medical health and at a stable body weight. However, a mommy makeover requires some additional considerations.

The first consideration is that a mommy makeover is best performed after you are done having children. The procedure does not change your ability to have a successful pregnancy; however, your abdomen will again stretch out during pregnancy and you will very likely lose the results of your mommy makeover.

The second consideration is that you should not be breastfeeding or lactating during this procedure or immediately leading up to it. Hormonal changes cause your breasts to change in size, so it is best to wait until your breast size is stable and your hormones are back to normal before undergoing something like breast augmentation or a tummy tuck. 

Additionally, you should wait at least 6 months to 1 year before having a mommy makeover procedure. This is typically how long it takes to shed excess baby weight and bring your body back to its normal state.

If you are done having children and no longer breast feeding, then you are likely a great candidate for a mommy makeover procedure.

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