Is Transgender Surgery Covered By Insurance?

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Insurance and Transgender Plastic Surgery For the transgender patients who come to our Manchester-area office to discuss transgender plastic surgery, one of the most important considerations is cost. Many of our patients worry about how they're going to afford the surgical procedures they need to fully accomplish their gender transition.

This is a difficult issue for our patients who are already dealing with all of the emotional, psychological, and physical stresses associated with gender transition. To face the possibility of being unable to afford the necessary procedures is tragic.

Rules governing the insurance coverage of transgender surgical procedures are complicated, and they vary from state to state. The good news is, changing societal views of transgender individuals has led to more legal protections and insurance coverage for those who were born with a body that is inconsistent with who they truly are.

What You Need To Know About Insurance And Transgender Plastic Surgery

Unfortunately, it's not possible to unequivocally state whether or not your insurance plan covers transgender plastic surgery without reviewing your plan and, if necessary, talking to someone at your insurance company. We can help you with this before you undergo your procedure.

There is currently no federal law mandating insurance coverage for necessary transgender surgical procedures. These laws are passed at the state level, which means where you live will determine whether or not your insurance company must provide coverage for gender-affirming surgeries.

Currently, only 14 states have these laws. You can find a full map of these states at the website of the Human Rights Campaign here. New Hampshire, where our offices are located, is not one of those states. However, if you live in one of these 14 states and get your insurance through an employer or Medicaid, gender-affirming surgeries will be covered, even if you visit our office from out of state.

Now, the good news is that even if you don't live in one of the 14 states with these regulations, your insurance plan might still cover transgender plastic surgery. If, like most Americans, you receive your insurance through work, your employer can negotiate with the insurance company to ensure transgender procedures are covered.

Unfortunately, the reality is that even in the year 2018, transgender individuals still struggle to receive coverage for necessary procedures. Transgender men and women across the country have reported difficulty receiving coverage for:

Before signing on with any health insurance plan, it's vital that you carefully review all of its terms. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call the insurance company to get the answers you need.

Financing Transgender Surgery in New Hampshire

Board-certified Manchester, NH plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Feins offers transgender surgery financing through CareCredit. With CareCredit, you can find a financing plan that meets your needs and fits your budget – the repayment terms of the plan and the interest rate will be determined by your specific financial situation, including your credit history and the total cost of the procedure.

We understand this is a difficult, emotional time for you. It's unfortunate that money is a consideration at all when it comes to transgender plastic surgery. But we are committed to working with you to do everything we can to make your procedures affordable and accessible.

If you're looking for an experienced, trustworthy provider of transgender plastic surgery in Manchester, New Hampshire, please call Dr. Robert Feins today at 603-466-8406.