The Aging Face

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As we age and look in the mirror, we are forced to confront loss. Specifically in the face this is the loss of volume. The skin gets thinner and loses elasticity. But the change that is the most obvious is the loss of fat in certain areas of the face. As the volume of the face decreases and the elasticity lessons, we begin the sag.

The sagging is most obvious in the cheek area, under the lower eyelids, and around the jowls. There are other areas that are affected including the temples and the fore head. I know everyone is aware of the lips lose volume as well.

In years past the only weapon we had to combat these changes was a facelift. As plastic surgeons we redistributed the remaining volume to mask volume loss. It worked reasonably well and in fact textbooks have been written on various techniques of facelifting.

Within the past 5 to 10 years volume deficiency has been addressed in a number of ways. Some commercially available products using among other things haluronidase acid and calcium hydroxyapatite are on the market to replace volume in the dermis and the subcutaneous areas. These products are safe and easily administered. The problem is their longevity. They tend to reabsorb within several months to a year.

For many years Dr. Sidney Coleman has been using fat from other parts of the body to replace the volume loss in the face. The rest of the plastic surgery community has come to understand that this is a way we can directly address the effects of age. We can take fat from other areas of your body, separate it, and re-injecting it into the face. The aging process can be treated by specifically reversing the volume loss. This has been found to be long lasting and very natural in appearance and feel.

Typically this procedure can be done safely without general anesthesia in a plastic surgeons office. The results are very gratifying to both the patient and the doctor. The recovery period is roughly a week with some bruising, and some volume resorption does occur. It is not unusual for secondary procedure to be needed. Once volume is obtain the result is long-lasting.

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