Transgender Surgery: Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

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Transgender SurgeryWhen you are considering transgender surgery, it can be difficult to know where to start. Finding a qualified plastic surgeon whom you can trust is one of the first steps in achieving your desired goals with transgender surgery.

Knowing what questions to ask your surgeon will help you select the right doctor for your surgery. Consider questions regarding topics such as:

  • Surgical training. Ask your surgeon about the training they received. What type of surgical training did they undertake, for how long, and under whom did they study?
  • Surgical experience. Ask your surgeon how often they perform transgender surgeries, and when they last performed the procedure you are interested in.
  • Surgical technique. Ask your surgeon to explain which techniques they prefer and why they prefer those techniques for surgery. Ask them to explain what the advantages and disadvantages of their preferred techniques are and how it can impact your results.
  • Surgical options. Fully explore your options with your surgeon. What types of surgery do they offer? What are the benefits of each and how will each procedure help you achieve your cosmetic goals?
  • Appearance of expected results. Ask your surgeon to see photos of results they have achieved for other patients in the past. Knowing what results the surgeon has achieved for other patients can help you understand and set expectations for the results you may be able to achieve with surgery.
  • Testimonials. Along with photos of past patients, your doctor should be able to provide you with testimonials from past patients who were satisfied with their results. You may be able to contact past patients to ask them directly about their experience with your surgeon.
  • Surgical cost. Plastic surgery costs vary from doctor to doctor, but you should not use that as a reason to shop around for the lowest rate. Remember that you want quality results. Choose a doctor that you feel comfortable and confident with. Many doctors offer financing options to help you achieve your goals, and during your consultation, you can speak specifically about the costs of the procedures you are interested in. When discussing costs, remember to ask what is included, such as pre- and post-operative appointments, medications, and any hospital or anesthesiologist fees.
  • Recovery. Talk with your surgeon about what to expect in the days and weeks following your surgery. How long can you expect recovery to take? When will you be able to return to your normal daily activities? When can you expect to begin enjoying the final results of your procedure?

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