What Can A Tummy Tuck Do, Exactly?

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When you think of a tummy tuck, you may just imagine the removal of fat to achieve a flatter abdominal profile. But the lesser known and incredibly beneficial aspects of this procedure are definitely worth highlighting. Below, we’ll explore why a tummy tuck is a unique and effective body contouring surgery.

The Elements of a Tummy Tuck

Many people struggle with stubborn fat that seems unresponsive to diet and exercise. There are several procedures that can help address excess fat deposits, including a tummy tuck. But a tummy tuck is unique in that it does not stop there. Tummy tuck surgery actually consists of a three-part approach to improving the contour of your abdominal area. Depending on your concerns, your tummy tuck procedure may:

  • Woman after a tummy tuckRemove excess fat: The removal of fat is what comes to mind when most people hear the words tummy tuck. Excess fat can accumulate in certain areas and then stay there, regardless of how healthy your lifestyle is. This can create the appearance of a protruding abdomen. A tummy tuck can remove the stubborn fat deposits, resulting in a flatter abdominal contour.
  • Address sagging skin: Dramatic weight loss, pregnancy, and aging can all cause loose, inelastic skin. While other fat removal procedures like liposuction may not treat sagging skin, a tummy tuck does. Excess skin can actually be removed during surgery, making your stomach look smoother.
  • Repair weak or separated abdominal muscles: This unique benefit of tummy tuck surgery is why many people choose to undergo this specific body contouring procedure. Abdominal muscles can become weak or separated due to a number of reasons, including pregnancy. A tummy tuck can, in most cases, tighten and restore these muscles.

Tummy Tuck Options

No two tummy tuck procedures are exactly alike. The surgery is customizable to help treat your specific concerns and achieve your unique goals. By working with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert S. Feins, you can create a tailored procedural plan.

The first option for customization is the type of tummy tuck you receive: full or mini. A full tummy tuck can be perfect for patients who want to correct a moderately or severely bulging abdominal area. A mini tummy tuck may be better for patients who are only concerned with the area beneath their belly button. A mini tummy tuck removes less skin and fat and can only offer minor muscle tightening.

Another option to customize your procedure is the decision to incorporate liposuction or not. By combining a tummy tuck with liposuction, you may be able to achieve body contouring results that are beyond what either surgery could accomplish alone. Dr. Feins will discuss all of your options during your individualized consultation.

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