What Can We Do About Your Belly?

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It is not unusual to be discontent with the shape of our bodies to wonder what can be done. A person’s shape is determined by multiple factors and changes over time as life experiences accumulate. These factors include skin tone, fat distribution, muscle tone and position, and bone structure. All of these factors must be taken into consideration when determining a course of action to modify a person’s shape. If someone has good skin tone and muscle position but has an area of fatty accumulation which is resistant to diet, liposuction or some fat modification may be all that’s necessary. If a person’s weight has varied greatly her time either with pregnancy or for other reasons, that person’s skin tone may make liposuction alone an inadequate treatment.

If the muscles have been pushed apart over time, repositioning of those muscles is necessary to fully address the shape problem. If the skin is been stretched out, which stretch marks may indicate, redraping and modification of the skin will also be necessary. In many cases the skin will need to be modified in a way similar to how a tailor would take in clothing after weight loss. You can think of the seams a tailor needs to make as similar to the scars your surgeon would need to make to get the shape needed.

As one goes from liposuction alone to tummy tuck or doughnut lipectomy, the incisions get longer, the operation gets longer, the recovery gets longer, and of course it is more expensive.

It is also true that if your skin tone is very poor prior to surgery it may continue to be poor following surgery. It is not unusual to have some skin loosening following your surgical procedure.

Having said all of this, body modification with liposuction, abdominoplasty, doughnut lipectomy or body lift, or the like has a very high patient satisfaction rate. You don’t want to rush the recovery as these are real operations. The results are long-lasting in weight stable patients.

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