Why are Plastic Surgeons still doing facelifts?

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With the advent of volume enhancement, laser skin treatments, in advance skin creams, the question comes up as whether or not facelifts are still necessary. The answer is yes.

A person’s desire to look younger, feel younger, and act younger seems to be as old as time. Today we have many ways to improve someone’s appearance. We can add volume to the face and tighten the skin at least temporarily. Still there are times when anatomy needs to be changed and facelifts do this very well.

Facelifts can address multiple areas which may require anatomical change. We can tighten neck muscles and soften the jowls. And we can tighten the skin and redirect the angle and shape of the face.

Today, facelifts are generally done in conjunction with other techniques which add and normalize volume. These can include fat grafting and other techniques.

Facelifts do involve incisions. Typically these incisions are designed in place to be inconspicuous. The incisions are necessary so that we can deal with excess or unwanted skin envelope.

As far as surgery goes, facelifts are generally well tolerated and overwhelmingly safe. Different surgeons use different techniques, but generally speaking it is an outpatient procedure with a 1 to 2 week recovery. They are will of course be some bruising.

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