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Fat Grafting for Facial Fillers, Breast Enhancement | FeinsMany of our patients work hard to reduce the amount of fat in their bodies. They exercise, eat right and sometimes turn to liposuction to reduce the stubborn pockets of fat that won’t diminish any other way. However, many patients choose to strategically inject their own fat back into their bodies in a procedure called fat grafting, or fat transfer.

The fat removed during liposuction can be injected into targeted areas anywhere on your body or face to provide the beautiful curves and youthful plumpness you desire. If you live in Manchester, Nashua or another community in southern New Hampshire and would like to learn more about how fat grafting can help you achieve your ideal appearance, please call the Office of Robert S. Feins, M.D., F.A.C.S. today at 603-647-4430 to schedule an initial consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Feins.

How Does Fat Grafting Work?

If you want to enhance any area of your body, including your breasts or face, with fat grafting, the first step is to harvest some of your own fat. This is done with liposuction.

The liposuction procedure is typically performed on common areas of unwanted fat, such as your thighs or belly, which generally contain the best source of fat. This fat is suctioned out, processed and prepared for injection.

Advantages of choosing fat transfer for your cosmetic procedure include:

  • Rejuvenation without artificial material
  • Takes fat from areas you don’t want it
  • Long-lasting results
  • Beautiful, natural results

Since any type of fat transfer procedure requires a sufficient amount of fat to harvest, the procedure may not be ideal for thinner patients. During your initial consultation with Dr. Feins, he will assess your situation and make a recommendation that will best match your aesthetic goals and physical condition.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting

Fat transfer for breast augmentation is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional saline and silicone breast implants. The procedure involves a series of small injections to achieve your desired look.

Results for breast augmentation with fat grafting can vary based on your body’s reabsorption of fat and the skill of your plastic surgeon. During your consultation with Dr. Feins, he will discuss the benefits and potential risks of fat grafting, and help you determine if fat transfer or traditional breast implants are best for your breast augmentation procedure.

Facial Fat Transfer

In facial fat grafting, Dr. Feins takes fat from areas where you don’t want it, such as the belly, back, thighs or love handles. He harvests fat cells using liposuction, cleans the fat, then injects the fat beneath your facial skin or in your lips to improve shape and volume.

Facial fat grafting can be used to address:

  • Deep nasolabial folds from the corners of the nose downward
  • Hollows under the eyes
  • Thin, flat lips
  • Gaunt, sagging cheeks

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Dr. Feins has been practicing cosmetic surgery for more than 25 years. He has the skill, experience and training to ensure you get the individualized treatment plan that is best for you.

To meet with him personally to discuss your goals and options, please contact us today online or at 603-647-4430 to schedule an initial consultation. The Office of Robert S. Feins, M.D., F.A.C.S. welcomes patients from Manchester, Nashua and other areas throughout southern New Hampshire.