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My experience has been absolutely fantastic! Let me start by saying that I am a male to female transgender person. I was on hormones for about      two years around the time of my consult. If I'm being honest I had a lot of hope for what the hormones would be able to do for my breast development. I had some slightly developed breast tissue, but the form was off. They were really much more of a cone shape. Bottom line they were sort of a disappointment.   I thought I would just wear a water or gel bra forever, but I decided to look into augmentation. I looked into a couple doctors in my area. I factored in the extremely convenient location and his high rating on another site. So I set up a consult.

The scheduling was flexible and easy. On the day of the first consult I met with Dr. Feins and interacted with his staff. Dr. Feins did a great job of explaining to me both the process, and the procedure, as well as what I should expect. He was attentive to my questions, as was his nursing staffing. He went over the options and set up sizing parameters, that  would work on my  frame.  At this this point  I was still on the fence. Dr. Feins allowed me to take a look at the options as far as the implants. Upon looking at them and seeing the feminizing effect I was absolutely in. It was kind of a fun process, the nurse was fantastic and was there for any questions. I think at that point I could really see the value in relation to the whole transitional process. I set up the surgery as soon as I could. There was no pressure to decide on a particular type or style in the decision process, and they were flexible on dates.

Surgery was August 9th. Any surgery is a little bit of a scary thing. At least to me anyway. Dr.Feins was very reassuring and took me through the process. The facility was very attentive to my needs. Surgery was what one would expect, and I think the pain was pretty manageable upon waking up. We went over after care so I was ready for discharge and ready to heal. The healing process was seamless and happened exactly as it was laid out for me. I think having been able to ask so many questions I was prepared for what to expect.

I'm Healing now and it hasn't been long, but let me say I don't really think I could   be happier! The surgery and Dr.Feins have done wonders to help my self confidence. My breasts are rounded and fuller and has done wonders to feminize my overall shape. It's right up there in importance with the other major steps in my transitional process.

Both Dr. Feins and the staff were sensitive to my needs as a transitioning mtf. This surgery has done so much to help me achieve my goals and how I even perceive myself. I strongly recommend Dr. Feins. I think I made a great decision going with augmentation, and selecting Dr. Feins was a great decision as well. Life Changing!!!
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I had surgery with Dr. Feins August 2016. Dr. Feins and his staff made me feel comfortable and secure thru the whole process. During consultation, Dr. Feins listened to my request and helped me understand what procedure was truly needed to achieve the results I was looking for. The results of my tummy tuck are amazing and I could not be happier with the work Dr. Feins performed.


Mi cirugía con el Dr. Feins fue en agosto de 2016. El Dr. Feins y su equipo me hicieron sentir cómoda y segura en todo el proceso. Durante la consulta, el Dr. Feins escucho cuidadosamente mis pedidos y me ayudo a entender que procedimiento era necesario para alcanzar los resultados deseados. El resultado de mi Abdominoplastia es excelente y no pudiera estar más feliz con el trabajo que el Doctor hizo. 


My experience with Dr.Feins has been nothing but absolutely amazing. From my first appointment to after my surgery Dr.Feins and his staff have been very sweet and kind and shared my excitement with me. I went in for a breast augmentation and they always made sure that I was comfortable and that I understood everything. I did not feel pressured or rushed throughout any of my appointments. Dr.Feins recommended sizing and placement for me which was great since choosing size can be very overwhelming, and I am so beyond happy with my results! They look so much better than I had expected, and my recovery is going extremely well. The staff has always been available with any questions I have, and after every appointment I leave feeling so happy. Dr.Feins and his staff gave me so much more than I could have asked for, and I cannot stop smiling about my results and experience. I would happily recommend Dr.Feins to anyone looking for a professional and amazing experience. 


Dear Dr. Feins,
"Thank you very much for my new arms. The nerve feels way better already. I can’t wait to wear tank tops!! I am so very thankful that you decided to help me. I couldn’t have felt good without your help!"
Your Friend


Dr. Feins,
"I am so very glad there are people like you in this world! You are an amazing person!"

"At one point I was told my daughter was special and would never be able to read a simple menu. I have fought long and hard (as has she) to get her where she is today. I have been able to help provide her with the skills and abilities to be self-sufficient. Being ill myself, it is important to me that Desha reach her full potential, and I work hard to give her all I can to make this a possibility."

"However, I could never give her the gift you have given her. This surgery not only has helped her nerve damage in her arms feel better, but she will not be looked at as different in summer wear as well. To someone who has looked at as different in many ways most of her life, that is an incredible gift!"

"My daughter is my heart, and I thank you so very much for this gift!"
Sincerely & Respectively,

"I am 27 and have I have struggled with large breasts since college.  I feel it is completely genetic in my situation, but unlike others in my family, I did not like having them. My frame is small and I had a DD. I was having neck aches and back pain that I attributed to a non ergonomically correct work station, and working my ass off at the gym. A friend mentioned that she had reconstructive surgery for skin removal from being overweight, and something was triggered in my mind. I immediately got inspired to start looking up doctor's in the area to have a breast reduction. I knew here and now was the best time because I was young and healthy and could recover quickly. A physical therapist that my grandmother uses recommended Dr. Feins, but I had already found him while web searching and read many other patient testimonials. I immediately called my PCP for a referral and called Dr. Feins office to get the soonest consultation appointment I could." 
 "During the consultation, Dr. Feins went over the details of the procedure and answered all my questions. He then examined my breasts (with a female nurse present in the room) and took pictures for the purpose of submitting to my insurance for approval. I felt comfortable during this whole process."
"I then met with Melissa, the surgical coordinator, and she answered even more of my questions as they came to me on the spot. She then showed me before and after pictures of Dr. Feins work and I was impressed. The next step was for me to get a letter of medical necessity from my primary care physician which I did the following week. Melissa then handled working on the submission of approval to my insurance company. I did not have to do anything. I was told I would hear back in 4-6 weeks about the approval, and I received a letter in the mail in 4 business days stating it was approved. I did a happy dance and was so excited."
 "I coordinated with Melissa a time for me to get in for surgery. I was so eager to have this done, but figured it would be months until she could get me in. Well, not the case! She worked around my schedule and was able to get me an appointment in 2 weeks for surgery. I then met with Dr. Feins the week before surgery to go over any final questions, and I even brought my mom. He was accommodating and patient as we went through all of our questions."
The day of surgery came and I met him at Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center very early in the morning. When I arrived, and all the operation prep stuff was out of the way, Dr. Feins drew with a marker on me, and then I got back into bed. I was extremely taken back when Dr. Feins said, "Michelle. Right now, you are the most important person in my life. Your safety is my top priority."  I was at a loss for words. In a time of high anxiety and nerves, uncertainty, racing thoughts, his words immediately calmed me. I let my guard down, and just knew I could trust him. He made me feel at ease and was hands down the part that impressed me the most about him.
"The surgery took 2 hours, and I woke up and felt immediate relief. The staff at BASC were attentive to my needs and seemed to be one step ahead of me as I woke up from anesthesia. Dr. Feins came to see me after surgery and we chatted for a few minutes. I left the hospital in about 45 minutes after surgery and went home."
"Around 5 PM that night, I received a call on my cell phone from Dr. Feins! I was completely caught off guard. This was a Friday night, and he was taking time out of his personal life to call me and see how I was feeling. This was such a nice touch, and something he did not have to do. To my surprise though, I was feeling excellent. I had stayed awake that entire day after surgery and relaxed, but was not in major pain of any sort. The next day, I took the medical bra off and was able to see the results of my surgery. I teared up, quite literally in shock about how wonderful it looked. This is something I had dreamed of, except better!"
"Yes, of course Dr. Feins did a wonderful job, and I am impressed with his surgical skills and  bedside manner, but what he has done for my confidence is immeasurable.  This is what I want other women to hear from my testimonial when thinking of having a reduction. This is LIFE CHANGING. I can't describe the feeling. It is not about what it looks like, but its how it has changed how I feel. I am not longer ashamed to wear certain clothes because I know it accentuates my large chest and for once I don't feel embarrassed to walk standing straight up instead of slightly hunched over to hide them. I even went and bought a bikini right off the rack, which I have never been able to do."
 "I am so thankful for Dr. Feins and his staff, and just really glad I went through the whole process. I would recommend to anyone looking for a change, a confidence booster, pain relief , a change, and happiness."

"Recently, I underwent a unilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery along with an uplift on my opposite breast. Choosing Dr. Feins was a two-fold choice – his reputation as a knowledgeable and talented surgeon and hearing of his professional, compassionate and gentle mannerisms in treating his patients. My choice has proven to be the correct one for I have had nothing but a positive experience with this kind, gentle man. His surgical skills were proficient and precise and he made me feel important to him not only as his patient but as a person."

-Michelle, 2015

"Dr. Feins was recommended to me by two of my doctors. I found him and his staff to be very professional. Calls were returned in a very timely fashion. I did not feel like a number. At every appointment Dr. Feins answered all of my concerns in a language I could understand. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Feins’ practice to anyone"

-Steve, 2015

"Dr. Feins was recommended by a number of physicians I know so when I decided to have liposuction, the choice was easy. I found the office staff warm, friendly and welcoming. Dr. Feins was great! Very caring! The results are just what I wanted. I would recommend Dr. Feins to anyone."

-Kathleen, 2015