Transgender Breast Surgery

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When a person’s body contradicts who that person truly is, life can never be in harmony. Dr. Feins considers it a privilege to help you change your top shape to obtain that harmony.

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Chest Contouring in Female-to-Male

Female-to-male transgender individuals routinely benefit from chest re-contouring to create a male appearance. The technique used is individualized according to the amount of excess breast tissue and excess skin present.

Small breasts can usually be removed through an incision around the areola. Nipple areola reduction is accomplished at the same time.

Commonly, larger breasts must be removed through transverse incisions and free nipple grafts. Nipple size can be modified at the same time. Every attempt is made to minimize the scars. Liposuction is utilized when necessary to achieve optimal contouring. Secondary surgery may be necessary to obtain optimal results due to breast shape and healing.

Chest Re-Contouring in Male-to-Female

Chest re-contouring surgery in male-to female requires implants and uses techniques similar to that in breast augmentation in genetic females. Depending upon the individual case, implants may be placed in front of or behind the pectoralis muscle. The techniques used are highly individualized.

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